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You've experienced this.

You're walking down a roll of restaurants, and you're looking out for the busiest restaurant.
Without knowing it, you’ve biasly picked the busiest one because you think it has to be better than the rest of the empty ones.
Imagine if you owned one of these empty restaurant, you have the best food in town but people just aren’t coming in and sitting down because you don’t have people in there.

It’s just unfair

What if there was a way to convince people to come in, what if you could show people that other customers have been coming in and they love the food.
This is where Social Proof comes in to saves the day.
Imagine being able to show skeptical buyers that someone recently bought the same product.

Social Proof helps websites increase their sales and conversions by up to 340%, it’s the holy grail of marketing.

Social proof gives you credibility.


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